Clown Shots and Other Notes from Redstone: A Fan’s Take (Yahoo! Contributor Network)

Phil Mickelson struggled early in round three at the Shell Houston Open at Redstone Golf Club. Perhaps the missed three foot putt on his last hole in round two had some carryover. In any case, Mickelson was never able to really get it going. The NBC announcers noted that Mickelson had changed putters prior to the third round of the Shell Houston Open. On the par-5 fourth hole Mickelson just missed an eagle putt. Then he missed the comeback putt from about three feet. He ended up making par but I am sure he was disappointed.

On six, Mickelson found himself down by a sprinkler head and "chunked" a little pitch shot. I hit the exact same shot twice in my most recent round! Of course, I am just a hacker. Johnny Miller, NBC's color commentator, called it a "clown shot" and later called that a poor choice of words. I guess you could say that golf makes clowns out of all of us at one time or another.

Just prior to the clown shot comment Miller had mentioned that three wedge shots in close succession were some of the worst that he had seen. Then Miller referred to one of them as not being a "pro shot". Again I must say that I do not really know what it is like to hit a pro shot. Every now and again I hit a lucky shot and I will definitely take them. However, even the professional players make a mistake from time to time. In case you would like a couple of examples, I wrote an article recently that talks about the pros' miscues.

Johnny Miller is somewhat known for his forthright commentary. Sometimes he says things that make you raise your eyebrows. In case you do not know, Miller was a great player in his time. He won 24 PGA Tour titles, including two major championships. I guess he knows a pro shot or a clown shot when he sees one. However, I am fairly certain that today's touring professionals would just as soon he not make any little digs at their games. In case you were able to catch any of the Kentucky-Louisville match-up, I wonder what Johnny Miller might have said about some of the shots I saw in that game.

Dwight is an avid golfer. While still relatively new to the game, he plays as often as the weather and his schedule will allow.

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